Escape Raspberry Aphid (Aphis Idaei)

Pest Type: Pest of Strawberry and Raspberry

Row: Equine – Homoptera

Family: aphids – Aphididae

It is found everywhere. Damages raspberries, smaller blackberries, and roses. A wingless parthenogenetic female 2.3-2.5 mm long, dark green with brown spots; tubules thin, cylindrical, long finger-like tail, eyes black; antennae. Winged individuals up to 2 mm long, abdomen green with brown spots, head and chest black. The eggs are small, black, shiny.

Fertilized eggs hibernate near the kidneys. Larvae regenerate at the beginning of budding. By the time of raspberry budding, the larvae turn into adult females. Aphids pass to the leaves, where the summer propagates. In addition to leaves, young shoots populate. During the season, 8-12 generations are developing.

Winged females appear from mid-June. Due to the deterioration of living conditions at the end of July – in August, the number of pests decreases, their morphology changes – the aphids become small, yellow, with 5 segmented antennae. The amphibole generation is developing from late September to November. Fertilized females lay up to four eggs, which remain until the spring of next year. Aphids form large clusters. Damaged leaves curl and dry, the shoots are bent. This leads to a decrease in yield and deterioration in the quality of berries.

Raspberries are also harmed by raspberry leaf aphids – Amphorophora RUBI Kalt, which differs little from raspberry Pagon aphids in their developmental features. Lives alone or in small groups on the underside of leaves, less often on young shoots. Aphids are carriers of raspberry viral diseases.

The number of aphids is reduced by predators – larvae and beetles of coccinellids, larvae of Zolotochok, gall midges, kyrı, bugs, etc. Actively destroy aphids by the larvae of flies of syrphid, etc.

Protective measures. Early spring (before swelling of the kidneys) treatment of suicidal. The economic threshold of damage before flowering is from 15 to 50% of leaf and fruit buds, after picking berries – 3-5 colonies per 100 apical shoots. If EPV is exceeded – spray raspberries with insecticides. With a ratio of aphids and predators of 40 … 80: 1, the use of insecticides is impractical.

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